Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trampoline Fun

So the night before we left Utah we had a BBQ at Dad's. After eating the great burgers that Kim made and Dad BBQ'd we all jumped on the trampoline. Bethany, Clayton, Leslie, Mark, Aspen, Shalom, Dad and I. Thankfully we all jumped at different times, for the most part! Don't ask me what I am doing in the picture with Leslie and myself, apparently something was really funny!

Mark had so much fun chasing the kids that they finally just decided to tackle him, with the encouragement of Pappy of course. Then they made a game out of stealing his beloved Cubbies hat and running around the trampoline with it yelling,

"Catch me, catch me!" They all had a lot of fun, and Mark's hat was returned unharmed! Shalom tried helping Mark by distracting Clayton and Aspen, but only Clayton was falling for it, Aspen was stuck to Mark like glue!

After the kids were done tackling Mark, Dad and Mark decided to play a game of who could jump the highest on the trampoline. I think that Dad won, but Mark insists that he did.

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