Monday, April 28, 2008

We are out!

This past weekend we were eliminated from the Calder Cup playoffs. We lost 4 games to 1 to Rockford. Although we wish we could have won it all, we are happy that now I will be in town when the baby is born and not have to scramble to get home. We are pretty optimistic that we will be back for a second year here in Houston, which has not happened in 4 years since we left Utah.
Also, this past week we lost a very close friend in John C Hadfield. For those that were at our ring ceremony he was the one who conducted it. He was my mission president in Chile for over a year and a half. We are not to sure what caused it, but it is crazy to think that this life can end so sudden. He will surely be missed by many including all those that served in the Chile Santiago West Mission. I have many memories with him. He was one of the greatest people I ever met. The worst part about it was that we just had a mission reunion that I was unable to attend days before. I am very thankful for the understanding that I have of Gods plan and why we are here and what happens to us after this life.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Less than a month left!

Notice that the baby is starting to drop? It is getting very close, less than 30 days. We are all getting very excited. Stay tuned to find out when we have the baby and what it is. Don't forget to vote.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Longest Road Trip of the Year!

Well its finally over. I just returned home from the worst road trip that I have ever been on. 1660 miles not including the flight to and from Chicago. That was just the driving we did.
We played at home on Friday, the 28th of March against Peoria, on Saturday we played in Chicago and on Sunday in Milwaukee, WI. We had two days before we played in Cleveland, OH. That Friday we played in Grand Rapids, MI, Saturday back in Milwaukee, and Sunday in Peoria, IL. Wednesday was in Moline, IL. Then back to Milwaukee, followed by Saturday and Sunday at home in Houston against Milwaukee. Yes that is 5 of the last 11 games against Milwaukee. After all that we ended up finishing 3rd in our division and we play in Rockford, IL. This weekend for round 1 of the playoffs.
Don't think for a minute that I did not do anything productive on this trip. On the 1st of April, my assistant Ryan and I attended Opening Day at Wrigley Field. (This isn't an April Fools Day JOKE) We were actually there. It rained a ton and the cubs lost, but it was a blast. Kosuke Fukudome, the new player from Japan, had quite the day. He started it off by bowing to the outfield bleachers and those on the right field line (that is where we sat), because we were chanting his name. His first at-bat he doubled off the wall, which of course we went nuts. The bottom of nine we were down by 3 with our best batters coming to the plate. I told Ryan "watch this, the first two batters get on, Fukudome will hit a homerun and it will be tied". Lee hit a single, Ramirez walked and sure enough, Fukudome hit a 3 run homerun to right field. The place went nuts. That has to be my coolest cubs moment. Of course we lost. Oh ya, and I got to sing "take me out to the ballgame" again.
Later in the trip, before the last game in Milwaukee, a few of us went to a brewers vs reds game. Miller Park is sweet. We sat 10 rows up behind Cincinnati's on deck circle. The reds won which helped my cubs.
I am glad to be home and see Amber. I missed her a ton. The baby is getting bigger and I can't wait till it comes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Am's BIG belly

Here is the latest picture of me at 32 weeks 1 day FAT! Things are going well. Mark and I are getting the finishing touches put up in Kimchee's room. Only 5 weeks left!!! :) Leslie, this should hold you over until the next post, sorry it's been so delayed!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My trip to ALASKA

Okay, so this is way overdue, but better late than never!! I had a chance to go up to AK for two weeks in March. I had SUCH a great time. I was able to hang out with tons of friends, which we don't get to do too often down here in TX. I learned how to play Guitar Hero III, thank you Becks. And I need to tell you all that I am AMAZING!! (Not really, Becks kicked my butt every time)! Becks and I caught up and watched about 10 movies, at least, GOOD TIMES!! It was so fun to see my nephew and how much he has grown just since November when Becks and Mason were down in San Antonio for Thanksgiving. We had fun shopping, eating (of course, I was 7 months pregnant while I was up there) and just hanging out. I was SOOOO surprised when Becks and Shannon threw me a baby shower. It was perfect, lots of girls and food. Lots of quiche, which I ate a lot of!! (Thank you Becks). I was also able to spend some time with our friends the Hickoks, which is always an adventure, Shellie and all her boys (which yes includes her husband Brad). We all went to an ACES game, of course, and we were lucky enough to watch Gussy (Goalie-Derek Gustafson) play and win what turned out to be his last pro game. We wish we were still there and we miss all our friends. But, that is why Mark has already booked our trip for July/August so we can come back up and visit with Kimchee!! It'll be nice to get out of the TX heat!!