Monday, March 10, 2008


Those of you who know me, know that I am a die hard cubs fan! At the end of this month we have a two-week road trip. It starts in Chicago and ends in Milwaukee, with 6 games in between. During the first part of the trip, Ryan (my assistant) and I have to drive from Milwaukee to Cleveland, OH. The day we have to do so is the home opener for the Cubs. After convincing Ryan to go, (there wasn't much convincing, he was either going or sitting in the truck for 4 or 5 hrs) I just bought tickets. We will be in section 239 down the right field line. Lets just see if this can be the beginning to becoming World Series Champions. Lets stop the curse at 100 yrs.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hockey, Hockey, and more hockey!

Well, Amber is still in alaska. Its probably a good thing since I have been super busy here in Houston. Our team is on a bit of a roll as we have won our last 7 games. Putting us at the moment in a tie for 4th in the divison. We have a few calm days before we play 6 games in 9 nights. That will keep me plenty busy. This job has been a lot harder than I ever even imagined. All of our home games seem like road games as we are moving back and forth from the practice and game rink. However, it is nice being in a league where I know so many people. Not many games pass where I don't know somebody on the other team.
Our game tuesday was a thriller as we scored with about 30 second left in the game with our goalie on the bench to tie it and force overtime. We then scored again in overtime to complete the comeback.
Our game last night we just as exciting. It was 2 to 2 after regulation so we went into overtime. With just 8 seconds left in the game one of our guys beat two defensemen and then the goalie to win the game and keep the streak going.
There was a funny twist to these games. Although it was different people who scored the game winners, they wore the same exact helmet. The guy who scored the first goal had teeth knocked out in a previous game, so he was wearing a jaw protector with his helmet. The guy who scored the second goal started out the game with a full plastic cage. He was complaining about it being hard to breath so i switched his helmet for the one of the other player.
Hats off to my old team the Alaska Aces who continue their own turnaround and now find themselves 4 points behind Victoria for the division lead. Amber went to the game on saturday night in which they won. They barely lost on sunday to remain close in the hunt for the division title. Both them and Victoria have games in hand on Idaho, but the Aces will need some help to finish first.
Other than that not much is really going on. I miss Amber a ton and can't wait till she comes home.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

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1st Post

Well, lets see if I can figure this thing out. I just got back from a week long road trip were our team went 4 - 0. We beat Syracuse, Hamilton, Rochester, and Lake Erie (Clevaland). They were all teams that we should have beaten since they are lower than us in the standings. It will be the last time we will see snow for about a month as we are home for basically home the entire month of March.

The day after I got home, Amber left for Alaska. Although it will be hard for me to not have her around, it will be good for her to see some of our friends there. Who would have thought that after she didn't really want to go there, that she would return to visit. She will get to see the start of the iditirod, take in some aces games, and have some much needed time off. I think that she returns the 14th of the month.

In the mean time I enjoyed a nice day off yesterday at the golf course. I was sitting at my desk when Barry Brust sent me the text message "golf?" It is amazing that although I did not play very good and barely managed to finish with any golf balls left, I could be playing golf in February. Hopefully this summer I will get a chance to play a little more.

Tomorrow we get back at it, 11 home games this month. We are trying to make the big push to secure our spot in the playoffs and hopefully not play Chicago in the opening round.

Oh ya, before I left for the road trip we went to the doctor. The baby is doing fine. The pictures we got just prove that it is my baby with the big lips and nose. I am so excited to be a dad. The pictures are from our appointment at 27 weeks.