Saturday, March 1, 2008

1st Post

Well, lets see if I can figure this thing out. I just got back from a week long road trip were our team went 4 - 0. We beat Syracuse, Hamilton, Rochester, and Lake Erie (Clevaland). They were all teams that we should have beaten since they are lower than us in the standings. It will be the last time we will see snow for about a month as we are home for basically home the entire month of March.

The day after I got home, Amber left for Alaska. Although it will be hard for me to not have her around, it will be good for her to see some of our friends there. Who would have thought that after she didn't really want to go there, that she would return to visit. She will get to see the start of the iditirod, take in some aces games, and have some much needed time off. I think that she returns the 14th of the month.

In the mean time I enjoyed a nice day off yesterday at the golf course. I was sitting at my desk when Barry Brust sent me the text message "golf?" It is amazing that although I did not play very good and barely managed to finish with any golf balls left, I could be playing golf in February. Hopefully this summer I will get a chance to play a little more.

Tomorrow we get back at it, 11 home games this month. We are trying to make the big push to secure our spot in the playoffs and hopefully not play Chicago in the opening round.

Oh ya, before I left for the road trip we went to the doctor. The baby is doing fine. The pictures we got just prove that it is my baby with the big lips and nose. I am so excited to be a dad. The pictures are from our appointment at 27 weeks.

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