Monday, December 15, 2008

SLC layover

Here are a couple of pictures from Pappy that we took at our SLC airport layover on the 11th. It was so good to see him! So nice of him to still come at 930am even though he got off work at 7am! We miss everyone in Utah and we wish we could spend more time with them!! I can't believe how happy Rachel is in these pictures! It seems as though no matter how tired she is, if there's an audience then she's ready to perform! We got her up at 430am to get to the airport on time after our snow fall in Houston! (I'll post those pictures later)! She only slept for maybe 45 minutes on the flight to SLC. She was way excited to see Pappy and obviously he was equally excited to see her!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Spanish - Espanol

Just so you all know, thanks to facebook I have gotten back in contact with some of my friends from my mission. Going forward I am going to try and translate the posts that Amber and I make so that they can also know what is going on in our lives.

Para que sepan, gracias a facebook he reconectado con algunas de mis amigos de mi mission. Adelante yo voy a tratar a traducir todo que Amber y yo escriben para que ustedes puedan entender lo que pasa en nuestros vidas.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Girl Food

Rachel, as discussed before, is huge! Here are a couple of pictures with her eating "Big Girl Food"!!


Eggs and Toast




Another year of Thanksgiving, another year to reflect on all I'm Thankful for! Obviously my family, Mark is such an AMAZING husband and all around man; Rachel lights up my world, every day is a new adventure; both of our families are such a blessing; our friends are wonderful, we have been so blessed by so many of them. Most importantly, for the gospel, the restoration of the TRUE church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!! I'm so grateful for the Prophet, the Apostles and the leaders of this church, we are sooooo blessed!

This year for Thanksgiving we headed over to our friends house, the Jones'. We had a great time and there was NO FOOD left when we were done!! It was all of Julie's family and it was a ton of fun!

Mommy giving Rachel kisses, while she says hello

A family Thanksgiving

Me and Julie

Mark and Grant playing video games

Still Loving the Bath!!

Rachel is way too big now for her little bath tub, but she's still a litte small to be in the 'big' tub. So, we found her this giant rubber duckie to sit it! She loves it and she has plenty of room to sit up in it and still play with her toys!

I love this picture, it looks like either Mark pushed Rachel over or that she has a duck for a head!!

6 Month Appointment

Okay, the doctor told us after her 1st month that she'd even out to around the 75% or so at about 6 months. (She's been in the 95%-97% at every appointment)! At this last appointment our giant weighed in at 18 lbs 12oz and 27 1/2 inches!! Putting her in the 97% still!! We love it though, there are much cuter clothes now that she's so big!! It is funny to see 'average' 6 month old babies next to her, she seems HUGE! But we wouldn't want it any other way. We love every fat roll she has! (Just like Mommy)

Laughing, Waving, and Clapping

So I have been trying to capture Rachel on video waving and I ended up getting WAY better! The other day we were playing and I grabbed her teething toy with my teeth and she thought I was hilarious. We played for a while and I figured I should probably be getting it on video. (Our camera no longer makes any noise. Rachel was so used to the "on" noise that she'd stop doing whatever it was she was doing and just stare at the camera, it seems to have worked!) I turned the camera on and then put it on my leg so that she wouldn't see it. Hince the reason I made a "funny face" at the camera. Obviously, it worked out well. I got her laughing, waving and clapping!! I know it looks like she's trying to grab the camera but that's her waving. She opens and closes her left and and waves her right hand, who knows why!?! And when she claps at the very end, yes she spits up too! Apparently she got herself a little too excited!