Monday, August 24, 2009

Rachel's 1st Cubs game at Wrigley Field 7/24

We took Rachel to her first game at Wrigley Field and it wasn't quite what we had expected. First off, I had been to over 5 games at Wrigley this year and had never had a problem getting tickets. Add in that they were playing the Reds and that they were giving away stuffed bears, we were in for a treat finding tickets. I walked around for over an hour trying to find tickets, only to find nothing. We ended up buying standing room only tickets. We moved a lot that game until the 4th inning when we saw two ladies leave with 2 kids. Come to find out, one of the ladies was returning and those were the season tickets of her father who was still sitting there. After seeing Rachel, he allowed us to sit there the rest of the game. Rachel loved the game and her cubbies.

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Back Online!

We are officially back online thanks to a neighbor who has unsecured wireless. It has been forever since we updated our blog. We will try not to overwhelm you all with what we have been doing. We love you all and miss you a ton.