Saturday, November 8, 2008

Team Halloween Party

After Sunday's game we all headed over to Ryan Hamilton's place for the Team Halloween Party! It was a ton of fun, Julie and Grant stayed at our place to watch Rachel and we dressed up as White Trash!! It's nice because everyone dresses up, we had: The Flintstones and The Rubbles, The Jetsons, a LD nurse and her pregnant husband, Mrs. Claus and Tiger Woods, Micheal Phelps, a pirate, police officers, even a couple of bums. Just as we were leaving the real cops showed up for a noise ordinance!! It really was that fun!

I had to put my wig on Rachel, we think she looks hilarious. And it made it even better because she just kept on playing as though it wasn't on her head!! We hope you like it too!!

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Halloween at the Game


Here's Halloween at the hockey game! Rachel was a little bee, so of course I had to be a bee keeper!! Julie and her girl friend were devils, Julie was a devil on roller skates, aka Hell on Wheels and her girlfriend was a devil in a blue dress. Misty and her newest edition Greyson on his first Halloween. I wish I would have got a picture of their other son Preston, who's 3 and made a wonderful pirate!!

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Alligator Park

Last week Mark actually had a half day off so we headed to the Alligator Park! No fences, no barriers just "watch out" for alligators! At first we were a little bummed because we didn't see anything, but we found 40 acre trail and it all changed!! We put Rachel in the stroller and headed out on our adventure. We walked out to a dock just to see if we could see anything in the lake, and sure enough there was a little gator right below us! As we walked along the lake we saw tons of alligators some in the water and some out sunbathing on the shore. They were actually kind of close so we snapped our pictures, no pun intended, and ran. We even saw butterflies, deer and a live armadillo. Neither of us had ever seen a live one before, but they're just as ugly stuffed! Now that Rachel is sitting up, we let her take an alligator ride, they promised it wouldn't bite her!!

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Rachel's Ice Time!!

Just before Halloween we were able to take Rachel out on the ice. It was so much fun, and it was the first time that I have been able to ice skate since Alaska.
I was too scared that I might fall so Mark held her as we skated. Eventually I gain enough courage to take her around for half a lap, but then I gave her back to Mark!
Mark even put her feet on the ice and she tried running it was really funny I wish we would have got it on video. Her are some of our favorite pictures!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ode to Alby's

To all of you who have also pushed carts through the heat, rain, wind, snow and hail, this is for you...

Since pushing my fair share of carts. I think I pushed more than most, which may have to do with the fact that I was never really doing what I was suppose to and it was typically my punishment. I have vowed to never leave the cart just next to the car and have always put it back where the carts go. That was until yesterday when I was at Sam's Club! Rachel was crying and tired and we had to park so far away from everything that I just left it next to my car in Timbuktu! I felt so guilty, especially because I always give people dirty looks when they leave their carts out! But, like I said after pushing my fair share and getting annoyed at the people that somehow managed to leave their carts over by KFC or Tony Roma's, I felt bad for whoever had to go get my cart and push it all the way back to the store in the heat!!

Sorry Sam's Club cart pushers!

Halloween pictures will be up soon!