Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alligator Park

Last week Mark actually had a half day off so we headed to the Alligator Park! No fences, no barriers just "watch out" for alligators! At first we were a little bummed because we didn't see anything, but we found 40 acre trail and it all changed!! We put Rachel in the stroller and headed out on our adventure. We walked out to a dock just to see if we could see anything in the lake, and sure enough there was a little gator right below us! As we walked along the lake we saw tons of alligators some in the water and some out sunbathing on the shore. They were actually kind of close so we snapped our pictures, no pun intended, and ran. We even saw butterflies, deer and a live armadillo. Neither of us had ever seen a live one before, but they're just as ugly stuffed! Now that Rachel is sitting up, we let her take an alligator ride, they promised it wouldn't bite her!!

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Leslie said...

I love her pink converse shoes!

Rick, Heather, Ashleigh and Addison said...

We love the Alligator park! We only saw one when we walked on the bridge thing. Aww I miss Houston!