Friday, December 5, 2008

Spanish - Espanol

Just so you all know, thanks to facebook I have gotten back in contact with some of my friends from my mission. Going forward I am going to try and translate the posts that Amber and I make so that they can also know what is going on in our lives.

Para que sepan, gracias a facebook he reconectado con algunas de mis amigos de mi mission. Adelante yo voy a tratar a traducir todo que Amber y yo escriben para que ustedes puedan entender lo que pasa en nuestros vidas.

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Joey...Leslie...Aspen...Clayton said...

Mark- that is so awesome! I'm glad to see you still know how to write in Espanol! There is a study abroad at the U that goes to Chile for 3 weeks that I thought would be kind of fun...although I don't think Joey and the kids would be too happy if I left for a 3 week vacation without them!!