Monday, December 1, 2008

Laughing, Waving, and Clapping

So I have been trying to capture Rachel on video waving and I ended up getting WAY better! The other day we were playing and I grabbed her teething toy with my teeth and she thought I was hilarious. We played for a while and I figured I should probably be getting it on video. (Our camera no longer makes any noise. Rachel was so used to the "on" noise that she'd stop doing whatever it was she was doing and just stare at the camera, it seems to have worked!) I turned the camera on and then put it on my leg so that she wouldn't see it. Hince the reason I made a "funny face" at the camera. Obviously, it worked out well. I got her laughing, waving and clapping!! I know it looks like she's trying to grab the camera but that's her waving. She opens and closes her left and and waves her right hand, who knows why!?! And when she claps at the very end, yes she spits up too! Apparently she got herself a little too excited!


Joey...Leslie...Aspen...Clayton said...

My first comment of the night... She's adorable!! She must take after her Auntie Peaches!! Except for the whole spit up thing!!

Kami Alkire Photography said...

Very Cute!! Sounds like everything is going great. Happy Holidays!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE little baby giggles! So cute. You look great too Amber!