Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Longest Road Trip of the Year!

Well its finally over. I just returned home from the worst road trip that I have ever been on. 1660 miles not including the flight to and from Chicago. That was just the driving we did.
We played at home on Friday, the 28th of March against Peoria, on Saturday we played in Chicago and on Sunday in Milwaukee, WI. We had two days before we played in Cleveland, OH. That Friday we played in Grand Rapids, MI, Saturday back in Milwaukee, and Sunday in Peoria, IL. Wednesday was in Moline, IL. Then back to Milwaukee, followed by Saturday and Sunday at home in Houston against Milwaukee. Yes that is 5 of the last 11 games against Milwaukee. After all that we ended up finishing 3rd in our division and we play in Rockford, IL. This weekend for round 1 of the playoffs.
Don't think for a minute that I did not do anything productive on this trip. On the 1st of April, my assistant Ryan and I attended Opening Day at Wrigley Field. (This isn't an April Fools Day JOKE) We were actually there. It rained a ton and the cubs lost, but it was a blast. Kosuke Fukudome, the new player from Japan, had quite the day. He started it off by bowing to the outfield bleachers and those on the right field line (that is where we sat), because we were chanting his name. His first at-bat he doubled off the wall, which of course we went nuts. The bottom of nine we were down by 3 with our best batters coming to the plate. I told Ryan "watch this, the first two batters get on, Fukudome will hit a homerun and it will be tied". Lee hit a single, Ramirez walked and sure enough, Fukudome hit a 3 run homerun to right field. The place went nuts. That has to be my coolest cubs moment. Of course we lost. Oh ya, and I got to sing "take me out to the ballgame" again.
Later in the trip, before the last game in Milwaukee, a few of us went to a brewers vs reds game. Miller Park is sweet. We sat 10 rows up behind Cincinnati's on deck circle. The reds won which helped my cubs.
I am glad to be home and see Amber. I missed her a ton. The baby is getting bigger and I can't wait till it comes.

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The Edwards Family said...

It sounds like you had a good time at the cubs game! It also sounds like a very exhausting road trip...hope you didn't work too hard! Love ya!