Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Less than a month left!

Notice that the baby is starting to drop? It is getting very close, less than 30 days. We are all getting very excited. Stay tuned to find out when we have the baby and what it is. Don't forget to vote.


The Edwards Family said...

Holy cow (no pun intended) I didn't realize how close it was getting! I miss you guys like crazy and can't wait to see the baby!

Jesse & Nate said...

AH HA! Someone joined me in voting for a girl. No offense but you look like 3 or 4 of me. I'll be posting my pics on my blog tomorrow.

KAMI said...

Crazy! You are a little big. Better hope that baby comes early or it's going to be one uncomfortable month. Travis wants to know how many are in there and he just said you're fricken huge.