Friday, August 8, 2008

"You're in Bear Country"

This is what all the signs read where we camped, in and around the campground, especially by the Russian River. Brad, Josh and Mark were able to go fishing every morning before the rest of us got up, well at least before the kids got up! So, Shellie and I were going to finally go one night. Shellie wasn't up to it, so Brad, Josh, Wyatt and I went down to the river, I think we fished for maybe 15 minutes total. (Yes, somehow Brad managed to catch a fish in that time)! We saw 8 bears in maybe 35 minutes! There were both Black Bear and Grizzly Bear, both with cubs! It was great to see them and the little Black Bear climbing the trees, but it was scary too. Unfortunately to scary to keep fishing that night. I did bring my camera just for that reason, so here are some of the bear I did got pictures of! You can't see the cubs that great in either picture, so I tried to point them out a little more with red arrows. The 2 black bears and climbing the trees to the right of the mama bear and the 2 grizzlies are somewhat hidden on top of the hill in the brush, but that picture is pretty dark. I wish I could have taken them when they were both (but at different times) down stream catching fish. I was just a little too scared to get out in waist high water to take pictures of bears that could easily kill me!! Like I said I may not have got to fish for long, but it was great to see all the bear!!

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