Saturday, August 23, 2008


One of the best things about living in Houston is that Amber has family here. Her granny (great grandma) lives her with her son Ronnie and his family. I am sure we have posted pictures here before of them, but here are some more. Also, Ronnie went to Europe to visit his wives family, so her nana (am's grandma) came to town to be with granny. We have been able to go visit them a couple of times since they have been here.


sumurfe said...

Oh, I miss my family so much~ i happen to be the middle of the 5 generations here AND THE ONLY ONE MISSING! You all look so great, i just wish i could be there with you!
Thanks for the update!

sumurfe said...

Hey Am! Mom says you are GREAT mother! I'm so proud of you and Mark for being such wonderful parents! We Love You Three!!