Friday, August 8, 2008

No fish on the Kenai

Last year we went fishing on the Kenai River with Dad and Brad and became pretty good friends with our guide Orlando. So we figured this year when we were in Alaska we'd meet up with him again and go out on the Kenai with Becks and Chris (her brother). Which was the first time we'd left Rachel for almost a whole day (4am-8pm, thanks Shellie)! We had a great time on the river and saw TONS of Salmon, we just didn't catch ANYTHING!! Not one Salmon! (Given, Chris caught a nice trout, but you can't keep those)! We only took a few pictures out there, Becks throwing up signs, and all of us on the way back to shore. It was a lot of fun I'm glad Becks and Chris were able to get off work to come with us!

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