Friday, August 8, 2008

Fishing the Russian River

Our last day of camping, the day I caught my first fish in Alaska, we took the ferry across the river to fish the Russian. Mark let me fish while he took these pictures of Josh, Brad, me and Shellie fishing (in that order on the river). Josh (Brad's cousin) loves kissing his fish! (He just kept trying to make Wyatt kiss his fish, it wasn't really working though)! Wyatt did reel in that fish that Brad caught, almost all by himself! Aiden was in the backpack on the way back, what you can't tell is that he is soaking wet from playing in the freezing cold Russian River! He thought it was so much fun, he never complained about being wet or cold. Luckly, Brad filleted all the fish for us. We had a great time! Thanks Hickoks!

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