Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We took Rachel to Disneyland for the first time with my Dad and Cat, who Rachel calls "Silly Goofy and Grandma Cat". We had an amazing time! We went on every ride she wanted to go on. She was great about being patient and waiting her turn in line. She loved the fireworks and the rides. She loved the tea cups, the rides and the shows. This is just one of at least 3 total posts from Disneyland. I am so excited she was able to enjoy this so much. She yelled out at the end of the day her favorite quote from the movie Tangled, " BEST DAY EVER!!!" We are so lucky to have such an amazing little girl!!
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Jesse said...

Too much fun!

Melanie Chambers said...

Ahhh...cute Rachel and family. I wish we could teleport and go to Disneyland with you guys. She's at such a fun age. You guys look like summer is one adventure after another. Fun.