Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California Adventure

We were so excited to take Rachel to Disneyland for the first time. We started by taking her to California Adventure and she had a wonderful time! I couldn't believe how happy she was to wait in line and be patient to ride the rides. We went on everything!! She loved it and it was amazing!! She was picked to go up and help with the "Superheros of Tomorrow" and the Incredibles. She had fun and she loved waving to us, but she was really nervous and she got really shy, it was cute. She was able to meet Mickey and Minnie, Sully, Mr. Incredible and Frozone, Lightning McQueen and Mater and Hopper from Bugs Life. We went to the Aladdin show, a mini broadway play and watched the 3D interactive movie in Bugs Life, she loved it! She was wonderful all day and she didn't even have a nap. On the way back to the hotel she crashed!! The best part is that her little umbrella stroller that we got specifically for this trip was a little short for her so her head hung out the top!! Dad and Cat met us that night for dinner at the ESPN in Disneyland before we headed back to the World of Color at California Adventure. It was amazing and Rachel had a wonderful time, so did we!!
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