Thursday, November 25, 2010


Mom had surgery in Santa Barbara and the whole family was there...Me and Rachel (of course), Brad, Nana and Granddaddy, Chris, Tricia and Frank. Rachel really enjoyed "helping" Nana Ging and the nurses prep for surgery. After surgery we were able to go see Mom and she looked GREAT! (Unfortunately they wouldn't let Rachel come see her because she was too young to be in the ICU and she was devistated! Thank goodness for the family, who kept her entertained while Brad and I got to go back and see her)! The tumor was much much smaller this time. (Last time it was the size of the palm of your hand and this time is was only the size of the tip of your pinkie)! During the couple of days in recovery the family made sure to make Mom laugh and smile and we even went for a walk with Mom. Rachel and I passed some time by swimming in the pool at the hotel. You can only contain a 2 year old to a quiet hospital room for so long before she needs to let out her energy! We are so grateful that the surgery went so well. The night after the surgery the rest of us went out for dinner and Rachel HAD TO play in the water fountain, so of course Uncle Chris joined right in with the fun!! We're so grateful to have been able to be with Mom for the surgery and that she is doing so well!
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