Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Again this year we were lucky enough to go to the Nauvoo pagent. This year we even had two friends in the pagent! We decided to spend the night and just sleep in the car, BAD idea! It of course was a record breaking heat wave while we were in town, the heat index was at 114* during the day, the humidity alone was killing us. We slept in the car for about 20 minutes before sweating to death, then we moved into the tent with our friends Andy and Allena (who were in the pagent). And if you look closely to the picture of all of us in the tent, yes, that is a fan in the background, it was plugged in and blasting full speed all through the night and it was still hot!! The next morning when we went to get dressed and ready, I realized that I had forgotten to put Rachel's clothes in the overnight bag, I got them out and ready, I just didn't pack them! Good thing she's so tall, she just borrowed a dress from Allena! We went on a covered wagon ride, let Mark pull us in a hand cart, walked on stilts, played backwards baseball, went to the Red Brick House, saw Joseph Smith Jr.'s house and the grave sight of him, his wife and brother. It was a wonderful experience and if you have never been to the Nauvoo pagent, I strongly urge you to go!! I have seen it 3 times now and I ball my eyes out everytime! Uncontrollably, and you all know that I am not a crier!! The Spirit is strong is wonderful!
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