Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4th of July

Okay so here are the 4th of July pictures from this year. We went to a wonderful concert in the park with our friends Julie Steinberg (as Rachel likes to call her "My Julie") and Marilyn Mapes. We had a couple of friends in the concert so it was very exciting to watch. Rachel made sure to sing along as they sang the Star Spangled Banner, it is one of her favorite songs. She knows all of the words, she should she has heard the song about a million times with all the hockey and baseball games that she has been to, she even hold her hand on her heart and stays quiet! It's so cute!! After we went to the Ringers house and the Jacksons joined us as we all went over to watch the fireworks on the top of a hill. We then came back for root beer floats and sparklers for the kids. We had a wonderful 4th of July. God Bless America!!
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