Monday, October 20, 2008

Rolling Over

On October 6th I was finally able to catch Rachel rolling over on video. I thought I'd have to tape her a couple of times, but she rolled over on the second video try. She is a rolling over machine! But only from right to left, back to tummy. She refuses to roll over any other way. Even if we tempt her with toys, instead of rolling over left to right she'll just scoot and turn so that she can reach her toy, then she gets all excited when she gets it and is confused when we say, "Ahhh!" She looks at us like, "What? You wanted me to get my toy, I got it right!?!" I can hardly believe how big she is, it's ridculous! She used to hate being on her tummy which is probably why she rolls from her back to her tummy (Which we've been told is the "harder" way? Thoughts?), but now she loves it and always rolls over to play on her tummy. Seriously she's either on her hands arms fully extended, elbows locked, lifting her whole belly off the ground or playing with her toys from her belly. It's been interesting finding her after her nap in her crib on her belly! And I just love that she insists on rolling over EVERY time I change her diaper!

Yeah well, it's pretty exciting and now she rolls from left to right and right to left from back to belly only. But for some reason the video is not pulling up. So, you'll just have to trust us!

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Leslie said...

I can't believe how big she is getting!! I miss her...uh...and you guys too so much!