Monday, October 20, 2008

Rachel and Hockey

Sometimes shen we go see Mark at work Rachel likes to help out. Obviously on this day she got lazy and ended up taking a nap while folding socks! We'll have to work on her work ethic.

Rachel and I have been to every home game so far this year, 3. Even though the games start at 735pm and her bedtime is 830pm. She does great at the games, stays awake the whole time and enjoys hanging out with all the girls. After the games she's all smiles when we head downstairs to see Daddy, especially after games like last week's 8-6 victory (the highest scoring game in Aeros 15 year history). This last game Daddy got her an Aeros jersey and it fits great. This is our first family picture at the rink!


Leslie said...

So cute...but where is her bow?? j/k!

adamkincher said...


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