Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rachel's First Pool Trip

She was so excited to be in the pool. She was hanging out on the step for a while before getting "in" and she loved it! It was like a huge bathtub for her!! We love her little suit, our friend Julie bought it for her, Old Navy!! And luckily she loves hats and she wore this one the whole time in the pool, that way her head didn't get burned!!

Swimming with Daddy!

Just lounging out by the pool, relaxing...

Rachel was so confused on why she still couldn't be in the pool!


Leslie said...

She's a her Auntie Peaches!! She looks so cute in her swimsuit...and I love her smile!

Julie and Mike Doyle said...

I am glad that Rachel loves the water! I hope she will take lots of swimming lessons when she is old enough. She sure is a doll!
Grandma Julie loves her!