Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike

So Mark left Wednesday morning and we left Thursday morning. For those of you who do not know, Galveston is only a 45 minute drive from us, technically 57 miles. I'm sure you've seen the destruction that occurred there on TV, but you haven't seen where we live. Rachel and I and Ryan (Mark's assistant) headed to Dallas to stay with our friends the Brownings. We left just Thursday and got back Monday when our apartments got power back. Most of the apartments look really good, just lots of leaves and shingles. Only two buildings had shingles and paper blow off exposing the plywood, one of them just happened to be our place! We live on the 3rd floor and I was able to put all of our pictures and scrapbooks in our bedroom closet in case any windows were broken in the storm. Unfortunately with the roof leaking all of our pictures and scrapbooks were soaking wet and I was up until 4am the night we got back to try and dry them all out all over the house. They are going to have to start taking off the drywall in house tomorrow, luckily, and we'll move into one of our coaches apartments until it's done. Hopefully before they all get back on the 25th. It might be longer considering they have to take the drywall off and let it air out and then replace it!! Sorry no pictures. Rachel and I are safe and we'll hopefully post something more exciting and upbeat soon!! We are so lucky and so blessed to still have somewhere to call home, I know that! My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who are still without power and especially to those who lost everything!

Daddy we love you so much. Mommy says to stay in Minnesota, Michigan or North Dakota, where ever you may be during these two weeks. We miss you so much, but there is nothing you can help us with, we're being taken care of. Thank you for all you do and all of your love and support. We will see you soon!!


KAMI said...

Hey we were thinking of you, but couldn't call while we were gone. Hope everything gets taken care of fast. Sorry about the scrapbooks and pictures :(

Nielson Family said...
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Nielson Family said...

Mark and Amber!

Hello! I haven't seen the two of you for some time now. I saw your blog on Bishop Williams Facebook page and had to take a peek. Hope you don't mind my link to your blog so I can keep up with your comings and goings. That is so CRAZY about the hurricane and all your photos! SO sorry but glad you are safe.

What brings you to Texas?

We just moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for law school and will be moving again next year to Naples, Florida--crazy! (feel free to check out our blog too

So good to see some photos and keep in touch. Your little girl is adorable!!

Jenny "Dustman" Nielson

PS-Tell Ryan and Brooke hello for me!

Jenny said...

Kinch sorry about all the pics too. YOu are blessed go and stay with my sister or parents :)

We love you. Come and stay with us.

Let us know if we can help in anyway..other than fast offerings ;)