Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gone for two weeks

Well, I leave tomorrow at 5:00 am for Minnesota. I go there first and then to Traverse City, MI for the rookie tournament. It is a tournament in which 8 NHL teams send some of there top prospects. This year Minnesota will have two first round draft picks on the team. Hopefully we will be able to win a few games. After Traverse City I go back to Minnesota for a day and then over to North Dakota. That is where Minnesota is going to start camp until the Excel Energy Center is put back together from the republican convention. When we get back to Minnesota I will be there for a few days and I will get to participate in my first NHL preseason game as the Wild take on the Columbus Blue Jackets. That should be awesome.
I am glad that there is a lot to do, because I am really going to miss Amber and Rachel. It will be the first time that I have been away from Rachel for this long of a time. Amber has told me that she will post tons during this time so that I can see pictures of the two of them. I will try and throw in a post or two to let you know how things are going.
Also, before I forget I just wanted to brag a little about how great Amber is. Last week Amber started putting out a snack for me when I got home. It is usually something to drink and a little goody, whether it be fruit or crackers. I love her so much and I am way excited that she is able to be around Rachel full time. She is a great mom, just as she is an awesome wife. I love her so much. Thinking of this I better get home to see what it is.


Sue said...

yeah that's my am! she may not agree, but she grew up a little spoiled and i always knew that real love would come out of her and she'd spoil her own-meaning Mark and Rachel! How great is that? We are all truely blessed!

Jenny said...

Love you guys!
of course Amber would be great at home she has so much energy I mean have you ever watched her paint a wall?