Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Great Great Time"

Mark, Rachel and I were able to finally go down town to see Ron, Nataly, Ana and Granny! It was so nice to see them. Ana has grown so much and she is talking up a storm! Nataly was nice enough to have us over for dinner, which was GREAT as usual. It was so wonderful to have Rachel take pictures with Granny! FIVE generations, how wonderful is that, Rachel with her GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER! Here are a few pictures that we took. Ana was so cute with Rachel, saying that "Rachel Elisabeth is so cute!" It made us giggle every time she said it!

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guard dog said...

Having that many living gernerations is a rare, beautiful, and blessed thing. Take advantage of and cherish this time you have. I recently lost my grandmother, my son's great-grandmother. We had four living gererations until her death. We've never had five, so I know how special it is.

Rachel looks so precious. With all the pictures being taken, should we give her the nickname "Flash"? Just kidding. God bless and best wishes to you all.