Friday, June 20, 2008

Bath Time Fun

This morning Rachel was a little cranky so we decided it was time for a bath, which she now loves! (Which is a great relief for us)! She was more than happy to sit in her little tub in the warm water and be washed and shampooed! And I swear we take enough pictures of her that it's almost as though she knows what to do when she hears the camera turn on! Here are a couple of bath time pictures, we can't believe how much she has grown! As you can see, she has a big mouth like her Mama!

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Jesse & Nate said...

That's so funny that you comment on her big mouth because I saw this onesie the other day that said "I have a big mouth just like my mommy" and I so almost bought it for you but I didn't want to offend I could offend you :)