Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rachel's 3rd Birthday

This year for Rachel's 3rd Birthday, we had a backyard BBQ at the Walker's house. (We don't have a backyard and it poured the night before. So, the family that I nanny for let us use thier backyard. THANK YOU WALKERS)!! I made Rachel's cake, which until April was suppose to be a Hello Kitty cake until she decided that she NEEDED a Rapunzel cake, AWESOME!! I was going to do one of those barbie cakes where you just stick a barbie in the cake and then decorate it, but I thought with all the little kids a cupcake cake would be much easier! I got the idea from another blog I saw online while Mark and I were trying to plan her party. And thanks to our friend Becky for the idea of the Pascal cupcakes!! We spent too much time and effort on this 3 year old party for sure! We made Pascal party blowers and Mark made a "Pin the nose on Flynn Ryder" poster and then little ovals for all the kids to make thier own noses and paste them on. Then Mark thought of putting all of the beads for the Rapunzel necklaces into frying pans, pretty cleaver! All the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and the families too! I hope they really did. I know Rachel loved having all of her friends at her party, so did we.

We also went as a family for her birthday to a place called Dynamo Gymnastics. They have this really fun little obstacle course for the kids and it's only $5/2 hours and adults are free! We ran and jumped and played for about 90 minutes and then we were exhausted! Rachel really had a great time and it is a place we will go back to for sure! After she wanted to go to "Cheesecake", which is the Cheesecake Factory, obviously we said yes! We had a great time there and she loved that they all came and sang to her.

I can hardly believe she is 3 years old! What a beautiful little girl she has become. We are so lucky to have her. She brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. Lately, when she has been a little too crazy and she can see that she's about to get into trouble for something, she will stop and come up to one of us and snuggle and then say "I love you soooooooooooooo much!" Oh yeah, she works it. We are suckers and she knows it! I am so excited to see what we are in for in this next year with her.
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Chambers said...

I'm glad you updated. She's a very adorable birthday girl and you guys are a very adorable married couple. Maybe we'll get to see you in OK one day.

Deborah Petiot said...

Looks like Rachel had an amazing birthday! I am jealous :) Great work on the cake!!