Sunday, December 12, 2010

OU Football Game

We recently went to an OU Football game with the team, the Barons. It was a great time getting to know the guys and thier families better. We were all dressed in our red, I'm pretty sure we would have been beaten up if we wore anyother color! People are crazy down there!! Parked out in the parking lot as soon as the sunrises. They have anything and everything OU that you could imagine! We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with the Gerber family especially. Rachel loved the football game, and we stood almost the whole game. It's just the thing to do there, no one sits, it's crazy! Rachel really liked yelling, "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo-U!" everytime we kicked off, and chanting "O-U! O-U! O-U! O-U! O-U! O-U!" We had a great time and are really looking forward to going again next year!


Melanie Chambers said...

Ahhh...the Kinchers. I loved catching up. How far is Oklahoma from here exactly?? I would love to see the memorial and the museum and the zoo and you guys of course.

Mark and Amber Kincher said...

It's like 10 hours, but with the kids and stops it was more like 12. You guys are welcome to come down anytime! Seriously!! Just let us know!