Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Disclaimer: The video was shot by Mark, who's normally not behind the camera and it is obviously a dark video, but it's mostly for the Grandparents!! Thank you.

Rachel walked into our room on Chirstmas morning like any other morning, going straight through the livingroom without looking at anything. As she climbed into bed with us and said, "Morning!" I told her "Merry Christmas" as Mark grabbed for his glasses and the camera. It was like a light clicked in her head and instantly she knew Santa had come. I literally had to restraign her as Mark tried to turn the camera on, she was wiggling and squirming around yelling, "Santa! Santa!" We love that instead of looking for what Santa brought her (which is what we thought she was looking for because she had told Santa, all 3 times we saw him, that she wanted a kitchen), she went directly for the plate of cookies, to see if he ate them! (Of course he did)!

When she looks at her stocking she grabs out her fruit snacks (which we normally don't give her). We tell her things we don't want her to have are "gross" and she believes us...for now. Which is why when she grabs them out of her stocking she says, "GROSS!!"

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David and Jana said...

totally adorable! I love the gross comment. She is so cute! Love how she says kitchen so happily!