Friday, December 4, 2009

Martin's Cove, WY and Greeley, CO

Here are some pictures from Martin's cove in Wyoming. It was really emotional watching the videos and just being in Martin's Cove. We really got a sense of what the pioneers did for us and their sacrafice. The fact that they were willing to use carts like this and literally walk from Illinois to Utah is beyond my imagination! We pulled Rachel around for a while with nothing but her in the hand cart and it was HARD! I could not fathom doing this in the mud and snow and the cold...WOW!! And to bathe in such a lovely bath...not going to happen! I was born in this day and age for a reason! At the end of this crazy long day we were able to stay with a wonderful friend Sara. Who cooked us amazing meals, especially after driving all day! This is her adorable little toe head, Lynden. Rachel and him really had a blast playing on the swings together!

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