Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bloomington Prairie Thunder - Update

Most people know by now, but our family has not been together since Christmas day when I returned to Houston and drove to Bloomington, IL to start my new job. A week before Christmas, while Amber and Rachel were in California, I was fired and had to find a new job. I won't explain everything that happened, but I believe I was given the short end of the stick. Determine to not let it get me down, I turned to an old friend, Jarrod Skalde, who was working with the Bloomington Prairie Thunder, as the head coach. He offered me a job as his equipment manager. Due to the timing of everything that happened, Amber and Rachel returned home to Utah after their stay in California and are living in our house. Amber is watching our neice and nephew to help make up a little for our change in income, while I work in Bloomington.
This has been hard for all three of us, but it is a challenge that we have to go thru at this time in our lives. Thanks to all you our family and friends we are able to get by.
I spend lots of time at the rink keeping myself busy. Our team is currently in 5th place out of six teams. The top 4 make the playoffs and right now we are 12 pts back. We just ended a stretch where we went 8-0-3. We hope to continue and make the playoffs. The game has become fun again and I enjoy working with such a great coach. It is great to feel appreciated again. We have had our struggles as does every minor league team. Here is a picture of our locker room on a game day taken from my phone.

I am determined to work my way back up and eventually land in the NHL. I am grateful for Amber and all the support that she shows me. She is such a great wife and mother. Happy Valentines Day!

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David and Jana said...

HEY!! I didn't know that Mark was in Bloomington! Tell him to call us! We're probably within a few hours in Alton, IL.
618-433-2818 He can come for Sunday dinner or something. But I am 9 months pregnant and due next week, so he can't move in. :)
Seriously, if we can help or be some kind of family out here...we'd love to see him!