Monday, May 26, 2008

More Pics


Jenny said...

Congratulations!! We are so happy for you!

Love R,J and B

ps see you in a month

guard dog said...

Mega CONGRATULATIONS!! She is beautiful. I'm happy for you all and wish you only the best. I want to share some advice a close family friend shared with me.

When it comes to children, every day is a learning process for you all, because no one knows it all.

God bless and best wishes.

Gary Cobb

Julie and Mike Doyle said...

Rachel Elisabeth,

Grandma loves you!!

Grandma Julie

Laura Ortiz said...

Welcome to the world Elisabeth!!

I am so excited for you two and I cant wait to meet her. She is just beautiful!!

Hugs :)

Abby said...

Where have I been? Where did this blog come from? Ah!
Congrats to you both--there is nothing I can say that could possibly sum up the joy this whole adventure brings. I'm so proud of you--giving birth (and pregnancy and all that) is no small thing--well done! Such a huge accomplishment, and what a beautiful little girl! You guys will be good parents. And I won't tell her you called her a him ;) Give her a big kiss from Abby!